Meet Blomee, the adventurous whale who’s also his own crypto asset! Blomee may look like any other whale, but he’s got a special secret – he’s a digital currency all by himself! Just like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Blomee has value in the digital world.

Blomee loves to dive deep into the ocean of crypto, exploring the possibilities of being his own currency. With his friendly personality and can-do attitude, he’s always making new friends and finding exciting ways to use his digital assets.

Whether he’s trading with other sea creatures or exploring the latest blockchain technology, Blomee’s journey as his own crypto asset is full of fun and excitement. With a splash of adventure and a dash of imagination, Blomee shows that even a little whale can make a big splash in the world of crypto!

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Total supply 1,000,000,000

Tax: 0%

Symbol: BLOMEE

Chain: Base

Contract Address on Base Chain